Avtar Steel prodcues a very high quality stainless steel bars with precise tolerance as per customer's requirments which is used for OEM's for machining components.

Size range5 mm to 100 mm (3/16 inch – 4 inch)
Size Tolerances h9, h10, h11, k12, k13
LengthMinimum 3.00 meters to 6.70 meters or 10 feet to 22 feet
Chamfering Available in 30° , 45° & 60°
Length Tolerance Available in special cut to length bars in tolerance -0/+50 mm (-0/+2 inch)
Straightness Up to 0.50 mm/metre
Surface Finish Drawn & polished, Centerless Ground Bar, Peeled & Polished, Smooth Turned
Heat Treatment Annealed, Solution Annealed, Quenched & Tempered (QT)