Avtar produces high quality pump shaft quality bars having tighter tolerance and better straightness than regular round bright bars. These precision shaft bars can be directly used as a pump shaft, cyclinder shaft, piston shaft etc.

Size range 6mm to 63.50mm (1/4" to 2-1/2")
Size Tolerances h8
Length Minimum 3.00 meters to 6.70 meters or 10 feet to 22 feet
Length Tolerance Available in special cut to length bars in tolerance -0/+50 mm (-0/+2 inch)
Chamfering Available in 30° , 45° & 60°
Straightness Up to 0.25 mm/metre TIR (0.0015 inch/feet)
Surface Finish Centreless Ground & Belt Polished up to Ra value 0.2 microns and 240 – 320 Grit Polished
Heat Treatment Solution Annealed, Annealed, QT 650, QT 800 etc.