Avtar is one of the most updated stainless-steel mills in India, having a wide range of ultra-modern technologies. Melting of the special composition of steel with a small weight of 20 to 25 tons is the specialty of Avtar Steel. Precise melting data is monitored through a strong production control system that ensures tight adherence to specified material properties such as purity levels. Avtar melt shop is capable of producing up to 72,000 MT of specialty stainless steel annually and having the below types of equipment.

  • Electric Melting Furnace Capacity of 22 Metric Tons of Liquid Metal.
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (A.O.D) Convertor Vessel size of 28 tons PLC controlled Automatic Gas Mixing Station.
  • Ladle Refining Furnace of 30 Metric Tons capacity with tilting platform to produce high-quality steel during the process of secondary refining.
  • Dual Strand Cored Wire Injector System.
  • Mini-Slab/Bloom/Billet/Round Twin Strand Continuous Casting Machine with a radius of 7/14 meters.
  • Specially designed by CONCAST (India) for Casting Mini Slab up to 350mm wide.Equipped with Automatic Mould Level Controller (AMLC) designed for superior surface quality.
  • Online PLC operated Hot Billet Shearing Machine for Cut to Length sizes and better edges on ends of blooms.
  • Bottom Poured Forging Ingots Casting System up to 20 Metric Ton.


Our con cast billets are rolled at our Hot Rolling mills in the desired shapes. Our rolling mills are capable of producing round, hex, square, angles, and flat bars. For maintaining the various size range, we have three rolling mills. All these four rolling mills are capable of producing 80000 tons per annum.

  • 510mm (20 inches) 5 Stands Cross Country Mill with fully automatic conveyors equipped with automatic shearing & hot saw cutting for sharp edges.
  • 360mm (14 inches) 5 Stands Semi-Automatic Cross-Country Mill with Roughing mill Equipped with four PLC operated Online Hot Saw Blades for precise size and sharp ends.
  • 260mm (10 inches) 6 Stands Semi-Automatic Cross-Country Mill designed for producing Thin and Narrow Flat Bars, Angles, and Small Hexagonal Bars.
  • Dual Fired Oil & Gas (PNG) Fired Billet/Bloom Reheating Furnace designed with Auto Pushing and Auto Ejecting of Red-Hot Billets.


In the entire process of steelmaking, heat treatment is the most critical stage and it requires the utmost care in the entire process. Our heat treatment division is equipped with furnaces to achieve the desired mechanical properties on the hot-rolled bars. We can provide solution annealed material in austenitic grades, annealed and quench and tempered in all martensitic and ferritic grades.

  • Annealing
  • Solution Annealing
  • Quenching & Tempering


Avtar’s cold finishing unit is one of the most advanced in India. We can process up to 2000 tons of bars and profiles every month. Our state-of-the-art bright bar shop is capable of producing bars with tighter tolerances and better finish depends on the customer's requirements. Our cold finishing division equipped with the below machines.

  • HETRAN Fully Automatic CNC Bar Peeling Line with Burnishing Facility from 10mm to 100mm.
  • Manual Peeling Machines for Rough Turning above 100 MM.
  • Cincinnati Centreless Grinding Machines.
  • Schumag Combined Drawing Line Machines
  • Fully Automatic CNC Chamfering Machines for Round Bars
  • Automatic Abrasive Belt Polishing Machines for Mirror Finish
  • Black Bar Pre-Straightening Machines
  • Pickling Tanks
  • Shot Blasting Machine
  • Section Straightening Machines for Profiles
  • Automatic Wrapping Machines for Bright Bars
  • Strapping & Bundling Machines
  • CNC Circular Saw Machines for Sharp Edges


Quality assurance is the backbone of our business. Serving the customers for the last 39 years with the trust and maintaining consistency in the quality and making it better day by day. Our bars are used in critical applications like oil & gas, defense, automotive and it gives us more responsibility to ensure that the right material is received by our customers.

Every lot of incoming scrap is tested for radiation. During the refining chemistry of molten metal checked at our Spectro lab and once the chemistry is ok, we issue the heat number for that specific heat and chemistry to ensure the traceability of the material. Once the billets or ingots are cast, the chemical composition is to be checked by a handheld spectrometer. After the hot rolling 100%, Ultrasonic testing is done on each bar and ensure that all the bars are 100% ultrasonic ok and if there is some looseness found in the bars then those bars are rejected and only 100% ultrasonic ok bars are sent for further process of heat treatment. Once the heat treatment is done mechanical properties are checked at our labs like hardness, tensile, yield strength, etc. and if they are found ok then the bars are sent for cold finishing. During the cold finishing straightness, tolerance, roughness of each bar is checked at every step.

Testing facilities available at our laboratories.

  • Radiation Testing
  • Inhouse Spectro lab for chemical testing
  • Ultrasonic testing facility
  • Hydrogen/Nitrogen/Oxygen gas testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Elongation
  • Reduction
  • Impact Testing
  • IGC Testing
  • Bar Straightness Testing
  • Bars Roundness Testing
  • Bar Roughness Testing


To ensure the same quality which we have produced will reach to customers safely in the same condition. We take extra care in packaging to avoid any kind of damage or rust during the transit and the material reach the customer safely. We ensure full protection of the material while transporting through sea and road.

We do pack in bundles of 500 – 1000kgs covered with HDPE/LDPE strapped bundles with two lifting slings on each bundle to make it easier for the customers to unload the material.

Every bundle is marked with heat number, grade, size, net weight, and gross weight.

For PSQ material or at customer’s requirement we use wooden box packing (As per ISPM 15 standard) of 500 to 1000kgs (1000 - 2000 lbs.) covered with HDPE/LDPE with two lifting slings on each bundle.

Bars are also packed in cardboard tube packing. Customized packing is also available.